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  • A thousand years of tradition

    The patriarchy of Aquileia ruled over Friuli for more than a thousand years. It was a “rule” that left an indelible mark in the region, a “kingdom” that ...

  • In the heart of Europe

    Friuli-Venezia Giulia is on the eastern most part of the Italian peninsula; it borders on Austria to the north and on Slovenia and the Mediterranean Sea to ...

  • A structured service

    Shareholding in a great number of groups that manage five industrial parks and in many companies active in the area of research, services ...

  • A province that counts

    A fundamental factor for the support of productive activities is the considerable development achieved by the tertiary sector, which is going through a ...

  • Direct experience

    The president and the executive committee of the Chamber of Commerce are a really unique mixture of knowledge and expertise; they are able ...

  • The pursuit of excellence

    The winning combination is curiosity and tenacity - the ability never to give up and awareness of one's own know-how. This is the secret ...


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