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Wednesday 7th June, from 8:30 am to 10 am Chamber of Commerce of Udine Sala dell’Economia (piazza Venerio 8/9) - Udine

No matter what industry you work in, culture can influence business in different ways especially at the beginning of a new collaboration. Integration and globalization, thanks to the penetration of information technology in every single aspect of business, expose us even more to communication mistakes in business operations across international boundaries.
To be successful, you need to adapt your business behaviour in accordance with the local cultural models: think global, think cultural and be a global and cultural thinker at the same time.
Networking and socialising, conducting face-to-face meetings, giving presentations, formality versus informality, the language of trends are all the keywords of the interactive seminar on communication and cross-cultural etiquette proposed by the Chamber of Commerce of Udine to managers engaged in global business.
Tailored seminar where discussions and simulations will help the participants to strengthen their language skills for a new global business prospective.

8:15 am Participants registration (free admission)
8:30 am Welcome remarks


  • International Business Across Cultures
  • Cultural do’s and don’ts
  • Selling across cultures and how advertising can go badly wrong
  • Making the right impact according to culture
  • The position of wine within respective cultures

The workshop will be led by Scott Bushell
highly-qualied and specialist trainer for a variety of international
corporate clients including (among others): Nomura, Toshiba,
Eon, RWE, AON, AXA, and both The Swedish and Norwegian Parliaments.

Within 1st June the registration should be made through » http://eepurl.com/cLJM5n

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