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In the heart of Europe

Friuli Venezia Giulia is on the eastern most part of the Italian peninsula; it borders on Austria to the north and on Slovenia and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Its area is 7,800 square kilometres, 62 per cent of which belongs to the province of Udine, which is the capital of Friuli and the area with the highest industrial density in the entire region.
All roads lead to Friuli: the entire region - particularly the province of Udine, which is its heart - acts as a natural interchange for the traffic coming from Eastern Europe, the area of the Middle East and the Balkan area. Friuli is a "frontier" territory; because of its geographic position and the ability of its inhabitants to form co-operative relationships with the neighbouring countries, with time it has acquired an increasingly important role, and has become a nerve centre of the commercial scene.
On the strength of the infrastructure it possesses - including an airport, a motorway network, a series of ports having a diversified, synergistic activity, and a modern, efficient system of intermodal transport - Friuli Venezia Giulia aims at becoming a real, natural logistic platform for the new trade system that Eastern and Western Europe are creating.

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