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A thousand years of tradition

The patriarchy of Aquileia ruled over Friuli for more than a thousand years.
It was a "rule" that left an indelible mark in the region, a "kingdom" that created the foundations for the coexistence and integration of different cultures respecting each other's peculiarities.
For this reason, the Chamber of Commerce of Udine has chosen the Blessed Bertrando, one of the last patriarchs, a Maecenas of entrepreneurs, as its own patron saint.
History is made by people. And the people of Friuli, despite many centuries of invasions and foreign rule (in some cases very harsh ones), have been able to treasure the knowledge that each passage of peoples left them, transforming and elaborating it without ever giving up their own identity, and, when this was not possible, allowing the fierce pride which has always characterised them to cool off.
They are proud of belonging to a poor, marginal land that was gradually transformed into the cradle of innovative enterprises, where art, culture and tradition always had a leading role.
Friuli is a land of patriarchs and peasants, of "cramars" (merchants who used to wander all over Europe on foot, selling products from the East) and enlightened entrepreneurs.
In our days it is the result of the meeting of different civilisations (Latin, German and Slav) that had the chance to merge, while each preserved its own best characteristics.

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