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A structured service

Shareholding in a great number of groups that manage five industrial parks and in many companies active in the area of research, services, vocational training and new technologies enhances the efficiency of the Chamber of Commerce and its ability to voice entrepreneurs’ needs vis-à-vis the entire service network - an element that is essential for the competitiveness of the territory.

The Udine Chamber of Commerce is a strategic landmark for local entrepreneurial activities.
Beside its institutional tasks the Udine Chamber of Commerce carries out a whole range of activities and projects with the highest standard of efficiency and quality in support of local Small and Medium Sized Entreprises through some Special Agencies set up over the years as branch structures of the Chamber itself and through some Joint Stock Companies to which the Chamber is a shareholder:

  • Catas Spa a detached Joint Stock Company which supplies technical assistance to the companies of the sector of chairs and furniture in Italy, giving product testing and certification services in the field of mechanical safety and durability, fire reaction, surfaces assessment and chemical analysis. Catas also hosts the Environment and Chemical Laboratory Department which gives technical, scientific and legal support both to public administration Bodies and enterprises in the delicate and complex field of environment laws and regulations, and carries out microbiological and chemical laboratory tests on foodstuffs.
    The Department also carries out research projects together with the University of Udine, the Regional Agency for Environment Protection, the Province of Udine and other Bodies with the aim to promote the development of the territory through studies and analyses
  • the Research and Vocational Training Special Agency which organizes and carries out a full range of vocational training and specialization courses for the development of different professional careers
  • I.TER, the Special Agency for Enterprises and Territory, set up with the purpose to support the internationalization process of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

» Research and Vocational Training Special Agency
» Internationalization
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