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Direct experience

The president and the executive committee of the Chamber of Commerce are a really unique mixture of knowledge and expertise; they are able to decidedly accelerate the process of change that has started of late and depends on two basic resources: people and technology.
All pilots are captains of industry.
Who can be better than entrepreneurs at finding the correct solutions to enterprises' needs? For this reason, the Chamber of Commerce of Udine is run by a staff of experienced businessmen, practical persons who are used to solve problems promptly and have adopted confrontation and joint planning as their philosophy of life.
It is a well-organised team, in which the know-how acquired in years of experience combines perfectly with the spirit of innovation; and in which the coolness and rationality stemming from a lifetime of working for a company are easily integrated with the enthusiasm and passion of those who have chosen risk and regard the future as a constant challenge.
It is a winning team, whose strategy is clear: it aims at moving the local economy towards further goals andstrengthening international co-operation: there is an enormous potential within the European Community, which is about to enlarge its boundaries.

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