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The pursuit of excellence

The winning combination is curiosity and tenacity - the ability never to give up and awareness of one's own know-how. This is the secret of the success of Made in Friuli products - a success that has been built up with time and is destined to be enduring.
Small and medium enterprises are the heart of Friuli's productive system.
The latter is formed by a few big companies working chiefly in the areas of iron and steel industry (the greatest siderurgical systems in the world are produced here), plant engineering, instrumental mechanics, chairs and furniture and by a great number of small enterprises, particularly artisan ones.
The companies are mainly concentrated in a few integrated productive areas, and are famous all over the world for the high quality of their products.
The pursuit of excellence is almost an obsession with the entrepreneurs of Friuli: when they reach a goal, they immediately try for more.
Thanks to the tenacity of the entire local entrepreneurial class, including the new generations, many products exported by Friuli have conquered a place among the best in the world.

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