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A province that counts

A fundamental factor for the support of productive activities is the considerable development achieved by the tertiary sector, which is going through a particularly favourable period in the province of Udine.
The services for enterprises are growing and the quality of the performance they offer is constantly improving.
There is a figure that is very revealing: more than 50,000 enterprises are active in the province of Udine, and they are 48 per cent of those present in the whole territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia. These numerous small and medium enterprises are flexible and have always been oriented to exportation (4,105 million euro in 2005).
They form a lively economic fabric, characterised by an incredible capability to adapt itself to the requirements of the market, sensing changes well in advance.
This skill, which is innate in local entrepreneurs, allows them to face the most difficult moments with the necessary fighting spirit, rearranging production, developing innovative projects, and strengthening niche products, particularly in the agricultural-and-food sector, in which the province of Udine excels.
Tourism is in steady growth, not only as regards the seaside and mountains, but also as regards the wine-and-food sector and the cultural sector, thanks to the renewed attractiveness of the territory, enhanced by the strong promotion carried out by the Executive Committee that runs the Chamber of Commerce since its establishment.
This promotion is an integrated one: it was able to achieve an integration between the interests of different but complementary sectors, by shrewdly combining productive activities and services.

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